the FIT process and the TEAM that makes it HAPPEN

Step 1) Focus is on YOU

Any injuries or foot problems?

  • Arch, heel or forefoot pain?
  • Knee pain?
  • Other injuries?
  • Chronic blisters or blackened toenails?
  • Do you wear orthotics or other inserts?


  • Are you training for general fitness, 5K, 10K, or Marathon?
  • What type of surface do you run on?
  • What is your weekly mileage?

Step 2) Measurement

We measure your feet both un-weighted (seated) and weighted (standing) measurements as well as different point-to-point measurements.

Step 3) Gait Analysisfitting-process

We observe as you run or walk a short distance on the treadmill. This helps us understand how you move and the biomechanics of your gait.

What we’re looking at:

  1. Body posture
  2. Body symmetry
  3. Phases of the gait cycle from heel strike to toe-off

Step 4) Fitting and Recommendations

Based on our findings, we will bring out the shoes that may work best for you. We’ll carefully inspect the fit and watch as you run or walk in each shoe. We’ll discuss the options, provide you with our recommendations and answer any questions.

Step 5) Comfort and Feel

Now it’s your turn! Let us know how the shoe feels on your foot; if it feels great, you’re off and running!


Doug   unnamed
1. I read a lot
2. I have an epic beard
3. I have jumped out of an airplane 42 times
4. I run crazy long distances

1. I was born in Australia but have lived in 5 countries.
2. I have competed in races in 8 countries.
3. I currently have all 10 of my toenails.
4. The only school athletics record I ever broke was for shotput.
5. I make my own granola. (No, don’t ask for a recipe, I never measure anything and it is different every time.)

1. Starting bike road racing 2007. Most road races completed in one year 52 races.
2. My nickname given to me on a group ride one day. Kimberly Kim Possible. Anything is possible.
3. Dream Goal: To compete in the Mt. Everest Trail Race in Nepal
4. Hobbies I love to do: pottery wheel, cooking, camping, Hiking
5. Biggest athletic accomplishment: competing in Aviles, Spain. Duathlon World Championships. JUNE 2016. For Team USA.

1. I ran cross country and track in college!
2. I was once a running guide for a completely blind runner at the USA Paralympics held in San Antonio, TX. 
3. I qualified for USA Juniors in 2012 for the 1500m race in track&field!
4. I am getting my doctorate in physical therapy. 
5. I love all things Harry Potter! 

1.I’ve run 36 marathons, three 50k’s and lost count of the half marathons, 10 miles, 10k and 5k’s
2.I have four uniquely awesome kids!
3.My passion is trail running, the more rocks and hills the better!
4.What makes me happy is happy feet! The look of joy on a customers face when they find that perfect fitting shoe!
5.I love taking care of myself by eating healthy and exercising my mind and body


1. I played soccer in college and still enjoy the beautiful game.
2. Currently getting ready for my first ultramarathon – Farmdale 30 miler.
3. I love road trips and visiting the Pacific Northwest.
4. I have a dog named Maple. We enjoy running at Waterfall Glen and Bullfrog.

1. I have traveled to numerous States and parts of Europe tasting wine. I still haven’t found a bad wine yet.
2. I am a nature photographer, now working on a new project converting actual photos to abstracts. Nature provides a bounty of texturing and layers that works well for this project.
3. I play the banjo, albeit badly, but for good or bad I enjoy it.
4. Despite not being able to run anymore, I still work out 6 days a week and firmly believe that you either use it or lose it.
5. And oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest employee in the store.


1.  I have 4 children
2. I enjoy walking, pilates, paddle boarding, paddle and recently took up golf.
3.  In my previous profession, I was an intensive care nurse.
4.  I lie about my height, but not my age.
5.  I can’t say no to mint chocolate chip ice cream.


1. My favorite number is the number 9.
2. I love my 4 kids.
3.  Fun involves the numbers 140.6, 70.3, 26.2 
4. Latte = yes please
5. I am very bad at sitting still.


1.Love the Lord
2.introvert girl
4.❤︎ my friends
5. tennis player, fast walker!, casual cyclist, enjoy cooking!


1. I started running in 2010
2. The farthest I’ve traveled to run a race is Madrid, Spain for the Rock n Roll Madrid Half Marathon.
3. I like making homemade jams and jellies.
4. I grew up on the same block as the bass player in the band Weezer.
5. My motto for most things in life is “keep it casual”. It’s my version of “all things in moderation.”